Conveyancing FAQ’s

By Nicholas Estates, Ipswich Branch

How costly is conveyancing?
Nicholas Estates will provide a detail estimate of costs upon contact with us. Conveyancing is not costly, but is an important investment.

What is exchange of contracts?
The exchange of contracts is the point of a property deal at which both parties are legally bound to complete the deal. Prior to this point in the deal, none of the parties are committed to complete the deal.

When do I pay the legal fees?
Your legal fees will be paid following completion of your purchase.

How long will the conveyancing process take?
The process of conveyancing can differ in time taken from property to property, and can depend on a number of factors including the number of people in your chain. Generally, however, a standard transaction will take place between 6 to 8 weeks.

Is a survey really necessary when I buy a property?
We always strongly recommend a survey when purchasing a new home, ensuring that you have the peace of mind that your new home is structurally sound and ready to accommodate all of your needs.