Come rain or shine!
29 Feb 2016

The New Nicholas Estates Website Photoshoot

By Nicholas Estates, Ipswich Branch

With the long-await Nicholas Estates site launching, we’re extremely proud to see our website represent the care and attention to detail we take to property being echoed online for all to see. A big part of the process of launching a new website was in capturing those right images which give you an idea what we’re all about.

After shoots at our Felixstowe and Waterfront branches we had hundreds of photos to choose from, many you’ll see across the site but we wanted to share some more of our favourites here now.

Great views along the waterfront

Great views in Ipswich

During the Waterfront Shoot we toured an immaculate apartment overlooking the marina, with glorious sunshine and not a cloud in the sky you couldn’t ask for much more.

New property going into the Waterfront

New property going into the Waterfront

Stunning day for a viewing

A stunning (if windy) day for a viewing

We do what we can to make sure our viewing’s go smoothly, however, this one had a little more wind than we’d have hoped for.

Looking for the Perfect Property

Looking for the Perfect Property in Felixstowe

Getting to those important details

Getting to those important details

It is really those small details which is the difference between settling for a house or finding a perfect home. As clichéd as that may sound, we firmly believe in how crucial it is.

Nick manning the phones

Nick manning the phones

So a beautiful morning on the Ipswich Waterfront and a slightly damp afternoon in Felixstowe and we’re proud of the results either way – we hope you enjoy the feel the bring the site as much as we do!